Man of God beware of Delilah – (the woman in whom there’s no Spirit of God)

Delilah’s mission (in order) :-

  1. steal
  2. kill
  3. destroy

Delilah.. Delilah.. Delilah theres something magnetic about Delilah, she is one of a kind all right! she is unique to most men, her physical being fills the void of every empty hearted man, she is like rivers of dead waters to those who seek her (compare psalm 1:1-2 / john 7:38) for she herself  (her spirit man & soul) is empty, void and destructitive just like her father the devil , who is the father of lies (john 8:44)… Delilah’s vision is written down plainly on tablets and she run’s with it, her father the devil also assists her.

Indeed she satisfies a frustrated man like medicine, that such that a man when he is sick (needing fulfillment sexually or emotionally) ; he will keep going back to her to receive his share of fulfillment..

Delilah’s can be discerned (i use discerned because without the spirit of discernment u wont spot her) almost anywhere, she can be found in the church choir with a voice that sounds most angelically anointed, you can even find Delilah at the business meeting looking very independent and elegant, she can be seen in the mall shopping, yes she can be found sitting in the congregation shouting Amen with a voice of conviction…
Delilah is very beautiful, independent and nurturing just like a mother and a best friend. Praise is her native tongue she will always praise a man. She is always understanding.. She is almost angelic & perfect to those who do not seek God’s counsel or use discernment.

She has made so many great man of God fall because of her craftiness and deceits, her mission is from her father, which is to steal, kill and destroy. When a man is inclined to step out of the Vine (John 15:1-10) during his walk/race even for 5 minutes. That man is in great danger. Look at what happened to king David when he decided to stay home at a time when all kings go to war and walked around the roof of his palace only to later on see a “very beautiful” naked woman bathing (study 2 samuel 11)

Observation 1
In the book of Judges16:4 It says Samson loved her…

Delilah has something about her that makes a man fall for her easily without getting to know who she really is, a man risks being vulnerable for Delilah, vulnerable to her and to the enemy.. For it is only proper to first ask God’s counsels when u give your heart to someone before u do, for the LORD GOD is all knowing and knows every heart, whether such and such a man/woman is right for u.

Observation 2
In Judges 16:5 The lords of the Philistines convince her to overpower Samson..

Because Delilah doesn’t have the Holy Spirit for none of her ways are led by the Holy Spirit, she is easily persuaded by her father the devil to work for him and complete his destructive missions upon the mighty man of God who are making causing havoc in the Kingdom of darkness. The devil finds a convenient vessel who is willing to do the job for him. All he needs is willingness and obedience is all that’s needed. Because Delilah relies on her looks she actually enjoys every minute of her tasks. Her lord (the devil) has highly trained her to use the abilities placed in man for her own advantages..the same abilities that started in Eden. The most important ones being that:-

  1. man are visual and delight in what they see.
  2. men respond to praise not criticism.

Sadly some woman may not realize they are being used by the devil thinking it is the Holy Spirit. But what-ever is not of faith is sin, This same faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Therefore every woman should check themselves and see if their actions are according to God’s Word. For no-one can say i was led by the Lord to be with her husband..for God hates divorce. Or no-one can say she made me fornicate, for every man/woman in Christ has the ability of self control but if they cant practice it they have a choice to say yes or no. There is just no excuse.

In Judges 16 verses 6-18
U see that Samson already knew that Delilah wanted to destroy him 3 times, but he was already her prisoner for he still remained with her. It was too late his soul was already tied to hers, Such a man would need God’s deliverance and grace to break free from Delilah. Such a woman is not easy to forget or leave.

To the man who decides to be close to such a one, he has to be very discerning, Delilah comes with her praises, great abilities, beauty and angelic personality but her soul is vile and her spirit is evil.
Therefore watch and pray lest you fall into temptation.

(side note i used halle berry as the picture because i was looking for a picture of a beautiful black offence to her or anyone  ) God bless



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10 thoughts on “Man of God beware of Delilah – (the woman in whom there’s no Spirit of God)

  1. I thank you for the inspirational wisdom God has given you for this particular topic. The “Spirit of God ” is what all believers need in these days. May God continue to inspire you for call in which he has placed on your life. Keep your faith and your praise.

  2. So what you’re saying is that all beautiful women are these delilahs/agents of evil or “the devil.” Is it possible that some passages in the bible are not meant to me taken so litteraly?

  3. The spirit of Delilah is a wicked spirit that needs to be destroyed from this generation from its very root.

  4. My husband has been trapped by Delilah. I am believing God to set him free. If you are lead to join me, please pray for his deliverance and his return to covenant relationship with God first and our marriage second.

  5. This article is a blessing indeed, I will also like to add quickly that we are talking about a spirit here, not human. the spirit has the ability to enter into any vessel weak and available. We may be thinking it’s human, but, No it’s a spirit, sometimes it uses more than one channel to gain access into any life. The LORD will help our lives. Amen

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